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A character story

The creators of the adaptations of Frank Herbert's legendary novel have interpreted the events of the work and the characters in their own way. Some characters from Dune have changed dramatically - for example, Liet-Kines, being the father of Chani Kynes in the original, "changed sex" in the 2021 film. But the freemancer herself, who didn't get much development from the author, became on par with the key characters in the sci-fi story.

History of the creation of the character

The impact of the novel Dune on the fantasy genre is as significant as, for example, the significance of The Lord of the Rings for fantasy. Frank Herbert created a work that raised several problems at once - environmental, political and even religious. In this multi-dimensional world, the writer placed bright, charismatic characters.

Chani Kines plays the role of Paul Atreides' romantic interest in the author's book. In terms of archetypes, she somewhat resembles the classic princess. Nevertheless, Herbert has mirrored some of the techniques, for example, she is the one destined to save Paul from his deathbed.

The writer did not give Kynes many years to live, but gave her fate in the work great meaning. Lady Jessica's quote reflected the main purpose of the Fremen when Paul had to marry Princess Irulen and make Chani a concubine:

"We, Chani, we, the bearers of this name are concubines...history will call us wives."

The biography and image of Chani Kynes

The reader is first introduced to the protagonist of the work through Paul's dreams. The young man sees a certain girl with blue eyes in his dreams. The first meeting of the future lovers takes place after a treacherous attack by the Harkonnens in the desert of Arrakis.

Herbert described the character's appearance succinctly - she is a short and thin girl with dark eyes. She looks like an elf, but the author noted the most striking detail was her eyes - a deep blue colour and without whites. This characteristic was common to all Fremen because of their regular use of the substance spice (mélange).

The character is mischievous, she is not afraid to say what she thinks and is sharp-tongued. Chani is a little younger than Paul - she is 14-15 years old in the book.

About Kynes' early biography, it is known that her parents are natives of Arrakis. Liet's father was half Fremen and worked as a planetary ecologist. Her mother's name was Farula, and she was known as a talented herbalist.

Chani herself worked for the head of Stilgar's Council of Chieftains, distinguished by her fearlessness, quick decision-making skills, and courage. The meeting with Paul was a turning point in her destiny, though she never became his official wife due to political motives.

However, she was destined to give Atreides children - her first child died and the birth of the next two led to her death. The true cause of Chani's death was the machinations of Paul's wife.

However, the concubine continued to appear in plots in other parts of Dune as "another memory" and once managed to take over the identity of Ganima's daughter.

Chani Kynes in films

The character first came to life in David Lynch's 1984 film adaptation. Then the role of the freedom-loving Freminka was played by Sean Young. By the way, in this film image Kynes was very different from the literary prototype, for example, the pale skin of the actress barely corresponded to the phenotype of the inhabitant of the desert.

In Dune and Children of Dune, both released on television in the early 2000s, Paul's lover was played by Barbara Kodetova. The films themselves, in contrast to David Lynch's work, received positive marks due to the consistency of the plot details. But the cast, including the producers' choice of the role of the concubine, was also criticised.

In the 2021 film adaptation, Zendaya played the freemaid. And she, according to the viewers, fitted seamlessly into the image of the literary heroine. Admittedly, she was not given much time in the plot of the picture. But in the media there was information that Caines in the performance of a popular actress destined to become a key character in the sequel "Dune". This was announced by director Denis Villeneuve.

Interesting facts

  • Chani called her lover Usul, which means "column" in Arabic. According to the holy scriptures, this word was a symbol of male strength.
  • Zendaya, who played the role of Qines, was the prototype for the limited edition Barbie collection in 2015. The makers of the doll used the image of the actress during that Oscar award ceremony.
  • Atreides often referred to the concubine as Sihaya, which means "spring of the desert".


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