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The character's history

A key player in the Resident Evil franchise has received both positive and negative reviews throughout its history. The jock figure has garnered praise from critics. Others advised Chris Redfield to stop using steroids and concentrate on his work.

The story of the character's creation

Capcom's Resident Evil made its way to the top of the survival horror genre, a genre characterised by its atmosphere of terror and dread. Its creators, Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara, were inspired by the Living Dead series as well as the 3-D ancestor of the Alone in the Dark games.

Resident Evil subsequently evolved into a franchise that is now represented by a number of animated and motion pictures as well as other media merchandise. Among the heroes of the Resident Evil universe, Chris Redfield gained the most popularity.

The protagonist's playable biography began in 1996 - at the time, the developers relied on his partner, Jill Valentine, to create him. As a bully, she was responsible for her intelligence and speed of decision-making. By becoming her exact opposite, Chris presented himself as a man of incredible strength and stamina.

The contrast between the two characters was reflected in their skill sets and was clearly demonstrated in the encounter with their opponents. While Jill tried to think logically and look for ways, Redfield preferred to rush thoughtlessly into hand-to-hand combat with the most terrifying monsters. Interestingly, the creators subsequently also used the image of the soldier as an antipode, coming up with the character of another Resident Evil representative, Leon Scott Kennedy.

By the way, the design of the character has been modified several times. The only thing that remained unchanged in the concept of Chris was the presence of shades of green in the costume. And another detail of the appearance is the hairstyle. He always displayed a military background, so his hair was kept short.

Chris Redfield's biography and image

The fighter has a younger sister, Claire Redfield. Nothing is known about his parents, as the boys were orphaned early and had no other close relatives. On reaching conscription age, the boy enlisted in the US Air Force.

There the young man learned to fly planes and helicopters, a skill that later came in handy in his military career. He also had a reputation as a marksman. But the soldier was most successful in close combat because he was skilled in wielding a knife.

Since Chris left the Air Force, he's been on the job with Special Tactical and Rescue Service (STARS). It was there that he became friends with Jill. And on his debut mission, he encountered a zombie, after which his amazing and exciting adventures began.

It is worth noting that critics received Redfield positively, placing him in the top of the best game characters. However, there was also plenty of negative feedback: above all, the fighter's excessive muscle mass at 181 cm in height, and even hypertrophied in some issues, received negative comments.

As for the character of the protagonist of the media franchise, he exemplifies a brave soldier, a loyal friend and a trustworthy partner. Chris' fate is a difficult one - more than once he has had to sacrifice something to save lives. He has lost friends and comrades. But, to be fair, a natural coolness and the ability to keep himself in check did not give a chance to haters accused Redfield in excessive sentimentality.

For the same reason, fans had to speculate about his romantic relationship with Jill, because both did not allow themselves frivolity. That's also how Leon and Ada Wong behaved, though, without ever giving them a reason to christen themselves a couple.

Chris Redfield in the movies

The Resident Evil movie franchise has sheltered iconic characters from the game. However, Redfield only appeared in the fourth film played by actor Wentworth Miller, who found international fame after taking part in Escape.

In an interview, Miller shared his thoughts on the character he played. He found many commonalities and similarities in the character of Chris and Michael Scofield (the protagonist of the series "Escape"). The actor suggested that viewers of Resident Evil: Life After Death, who were already familiar with the image of Michael, would be surprised by the similarities.

Wentworth himself considered this project a chance for himself to continue the dialogue with the audience. He cited shooting in 3D as a particular challenge in his work, as it was more difficult to deceive the viewer (for example, when practicing fights). At the end of the interview Miller expressed the hope that he would still be lucky enough to work in this franchise.

But that didn't happen. Robbie Amell was the next lucky man to be offered the role of Claire's brother. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City was scheduled to premiere in November 2021. However, even before the premiere, the film received negative comments from fans of the franchise. Particularly unhappy was the producers' choice for the role of Leon Scott, played by Evan Jogia - an actor with Indian roots and distinctive appearance.

Chris Redfield in the games

When first appearing in Resident Evil, Chris appears in the role of the main character, then, up to the 6th part, he becomes a partner. His counterparts include equally brilliant personalities Sheva Alomar and Piers Nivance. In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Redfield pleases fans at the very end, coming to the aid of Ethan Winters in a battle against the final boss.

But in the long-awaited Resident Evil 8 Village the creators made the fans to puzzle over the role of a soldier. Before the series release, various spoilers suggested that the fighter will depart from the ideals and principles, and even impinge on Winters' family happiness.

The revelation of the character's true intentions has become an exciting mystery to the game. Meanwhile, images leaked online of Redfield appearing as a werewolf caused a furious discussion among fans, with the more frequent hypothesis being that the character was infected with a virus.

Interesting Facts

Before the release of Resident Evil Part 8, Capcom put up for sale an iconic detail of Chris's image - a coat. In the official shop this piece cost 116 thousand rubles.
The most commonly accepted theory on the web is that he and Hunk are one and the same person.
The GameZone website praised the soldier's appearance and placed him at number 4 on the "Game Gods of the Year" list.

Chris Redfield quotes

I cannot run from myself. I have to admit the truth, accept responsibility. It's the only way I can remember. It's the only way I can get my life back.
If you will not obey me, I will find those who will. Now get in line, soldier.


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