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The story of a character

Marvel Comics fans can't stop arguing about how much the adaptation of a particular series matches the literary original. From this point of view, it is interesting to trace the biography of Christina Palmer, namely what development she received in live action.

History of the character's creation

A relatively new film heroine first debuted in the pages of the comic book Night Nurse in 1972. The creators of this graphic novel were screenwriter Roy Thomas, his wife writer Jean Thomas and artist Winslow Mortimer.

This dramatic medical comic was originally conceived as a product aimed at a female audience. The creators planned that a story about three night nurses, stripped of the usual superheroes and sci-fi elements, would appeal to girls.

However, such a format turned out to be unsolicited for the target audience. The narrative was too serious and far from the romantic genre, which was not to the taste of young female readers. At the same time, the male audience, which the creators were not counting on, did not embrace the new literary franchise in any way. As a result, the Night Nurse series was cancelled prematurely.

However, characters from the story have appeared in other episodes in one way or another. Linda Carter, for example, returned to the Marvel universe in 2004, assisting superheroes. Colleague Christina Palmer, with a light hand from screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, also kept up with her friend.

Biography and image of Cristine Palmer

Palmer grew up in a wealthy family, but decided to look for her vocation on her own, voluntarily denying herself the chance to build a career through her father's connections and money. Graduating high school, she left home for New York, where she took a job as a nurse.

Her mentor at the hospital was the surgeon William Sutton. The talented doctor was to her an example of a man ready to do anything to save lives. True, Sutton suffered from tremors in his hands that hindered his operations.

But it wasn't this fact that made Palmer disappointed in the doctor. She later discovered that William had been using his position to falsify medical records and illegally resell expensive drugs. After discovering the truth, the nurse left her hometown and began to travel around the country in private practice.

Years later, she returned to a New York hospital, where she found out about the superheroes Night Snake and Storm. She, who had by then become skilled enough to perform surgery, began helping the defenders of the universe.

In the comics, the character is described as a kind person who prioritises caring for others. This quality was also taken as the basis for transferring the character to the cinema screen.

Christine Palmer in films

The first live incarnation of the character happened in the film Doctor Strange. The role of the nurse was played by actress Rachel McAdams. Curiously enough, in the comics, there was no hint of a meeting with Doctor Strange in the personal life of this character.

However, there were comparisons between the Supreme Earth Wizard and that same mentor Palmer William Sutton. Both characters worked as surgeons and also had to leave the practice due to hand problems. Kevin Feigy, producer at Marvel Studios, felt that Christina would become "the linchpin of his old life" for the protagonist.

The character of the movie character is based on a literary prototype. But correspondence in appearance screenwriters did not seek to achieve. Moreover, in his film debut Christina appeared first with blond hair, and then repainted blonde. This author's idea demonstrated the lapse of time.

Afterwards, the character disappeared from the screens for six years. Christina Palmer returned in the sequel Dr Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness in 2022. Rachel McAdams was delighted to reprise her role as a nurse.

The actress, in an interview even before the premiere of the film, shared that her character had a big change in her personal life. These words have caused fans to hope for the development of romantic relationships between the characters Rachel and Benedict Cumberbatch, who performed the role of Doctor Strange.

With regard to the filming process, McAdams spoke about how she worked with professional consultants, getting used to the cinematic image. In addition, on the set was a surgeon - he showed the actress how to properly impose stitches and perform other medical procedures. By the way, Rachel was trained on the breast of a turkey and oranges. And at home, to reinforce the theory, she read a book by physician Henry Marsh, "Do No Harm. Stories about life, death and neurosurgery.


  • 2016 - "Doctor Strange".
  • 2021 - "What if...?"
  • 2022 - "Dr. Strange: In a Multiverse of Madness"

Interesting Facts

  • Jessica Chastain, the star of 'Ono 2', was to play Christina. But she refused, because, as foreign media wrote, had hoped to play a superheroine, not the usual nurse.
  • McAdams, as she herself admitted in an interview, "grew up in medicine" as her mother worked in a hospital. So the sight of blood and other aspects of the profession from an early age did not cause her any discomfort.
  • Before the sequel to the Doctor Strange solo project premiered on the "What If...?" animated series in 2021, a version of Palmer from an alternate timeline appeared. The character was also voiced by Macadams.