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Patrick Jane Tven Serie

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Character history

Patrick Jane is a man who disregards the rules and denies the boundaries of decency. Talented psychologist, hypnotist and former swindler. A man who lost his family and decided to change his life. And most importantly - a skilled manipulator, games and tricks revealing intricate murders.

Character Creation History

The American television series The Mentalist aired from 2008 to 2015, including 7 seasons (151 episodes). The author of the idea and director Bruno Heller allowed the protagonist to feel the cruelty of this world, experience incredible suffering and resurrect to take revenge. At the same time, go the path of personal growth, gradually freeing yourself from your own prejudices.

Because of Patrick Jane's ability to see minor details and put them together, viewers began to compare The Mentalist to such popular series as Lie to Me and House M.D. The concept of the project, even at first glance, is not new, however, the execution of the hackneyed plot left few people indifferent.

Bruno Heller shared in an interview that he planned to create a talented detective who would be like Sherlock Holmes. But it is impossible to draw a direct connection between these characters, as well as to call the great detective the prototype of Patrick.

Heller also said that the inspiration for the image of Jane was his observation of the streets of America. The man noticed lonely standing people who lured passers-by with the services of a psychic or fortune teller. Bruno himself does not believe in mystical abilities, but his wife had a different opinion.

One way or another, the director assumed that clairvoyants really help someone. But how - I decided to demonstrate in my project. And so, at the same time, the series became not just another pseudo-scientific movie, but a complex and confusing picture that exposes charlatans. At the same time, the main character is a vivid example of both.

Bruno planned to invite an actor attractive both internally and externally to this project. In his view, the psychic was supposed to win people over. The right to play a talented manipulator and a corrosive detective was given to Australian Simon Baker, a blue-eyed man of average height (179 cm), who has already won the audience's love thanks to the image of Christian Thompson ("The Devil Wears Prada").

The performer of the role of the mentalist spoke of his character in two ways. Simon reported that Patrick both irritates and captivates the viewer. At the same time, he has the main thing that a detective needs - incredible powers of observation.

Bruno Heller used a series of flashbacks to describe the psychological portrait of the hero, as well as curious details in the design of his apartment. So, he managed to show that the apparent lightness and goodness of Jane is not a property of his character, but the result of incredible efforts.

The image and biography of Patrick Jane

The scriptwriters of the television series made the audience worry about the fate of the mentalist. So, for 7 seasons, a man managed to become a victim of abduction, drink hallucinogenic tea, kill a couple of people, sit in prison and lose his memory and vision. The ambiguous characterization of the hero, oscillating between the poles of "charlatan" and "talented detective", has objective prerequisites from an early biography.

As a child, the boy had no time to be bored. His parents led a nomadic lifestyle, and his father took little Patrick to work. Alex Jane called himself a psychic and deceived gullible visitors to the fair.

Jane Jr. closely watched his father, gradually adopting the skills of the art of deception. Already at 16, the teenager made a party to the eminent "clairvoyant." And so it continued until the scams with terminally ill people began.

Here, the son could not calmly watch how dad profited by selling miraculous remedies. The final split in the relationship occurred when the guy met his future wife Angela. She also grew up in a nomadic family and dreamed of a normal life.

The young fled and got married, which was not accepted by parents and relatives on both sides. But the lovers were not afraid. Patrick continued to earn as much as he could, but he told people what they wanted to hear and did not profit from grief. Soon the hero gained fame as a great psychic and became rich. Daughter Charlotte was born. It seemed that the whole world was open to accomplishments.

However, this knocked down the happy father and husband. Once in an interview, Jane gave a characterization to a maniac named Bloody John (Red John). Answering questions from reporters, he called the serial killer a miserable lonely man. The consequences for the clairvoyant were fatal.

Immediately after the appearance on television, he returned home and found out that his relatives were no longer alive. Beloved woman and daughter were killed by a psychopath who did not miss the insults on the air.

A man spent 5 years coming to terms with a terrible tragedy. But he could not - the desire for revenge forced him to act. Patrick offered his services to the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation), hoping that this path would lead him to catch the killer.

They took the psychic, although they were skeptical about such talents. However, the team quickly appreciated the intelligence and observation of the employee. And Jane became friends with Teresa Lisbon, Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt, demonstrating his detective qualities to colleagues more than once.

The main goal of entering the department for the fight against crime was revenge. Having lost his family, he tracked down the maniac and killed him, after which he hid on the island for 2 years until the FBI offered him to return to the United States.

The hero appeared as a subtle psychologist, easily manipulating people's minds. Sometimes he uses forbidden methods - hypnosis and false evidence - thereby provoking the suspect. But, despite the lack of professional nobility, it helps to solve complex cases.

A man subtly feels human motives. But he himself sometimes becomes a victim of deception. So, it was managed by Erica Flynn, the murderer of her own husband. The woman who received a kiss from the detective not only rubbed into his confidence, but also subsequently escaped from prison.

The caustic phrases of the protagonist, reaching the weaknesses of opponents, were instantly remembered by the audience and became quotes. Jane is sure that telepaths do not exist, and in his free time he exposes charlatans. However, sometimes the character faced controversial issues. For example, his interaction with Christina Fry, who heard voices in her head, reduced the CBI consultant's skepticism.

A lot about the personality of the protagonist says his apartment and clothes. He is more often seen in a three-piece suit, but without a tie. It is normal for a man to sleep in what he walked around in all day. This combination of solidity and carelessness is another successful technique of the project's scriptwriters.

The mentalist lives alone. There is a bed in his room, and a smiley face is drawn on the wall in blood. This terrible message was left by the maniac who killed Angela and Charlotte. And every day Patrick opens his eyes and sees this reminder of the price of arrogance and deceit.

Interesting Facts

The character's date of birth is unclear. The driver's license says July 30, 1969. In the marriage certificate - September 16, 1974. The exact age is not specified.
The titles of the episodes before the murder of the maniac contained words demonstrating a connection with blood.
In 2018, the Russian-Ukrainian remake of The Mentalist was released under the title The One Who Reads Minds (The Mentalist). Instead of Patrick, Daniil Romanov, played by Israeli actor Ehezkel Lazarov, appeared in the plot of the detective series.

Patrick Jane quotes

  • "The truth is rarely funny."
  • “She is investigating, and I am provocations.”
  • "No, I think it was you who manipulated me into thinking that I manipulated you into coming with me."


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